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PostSubject: Welcome to our Forum   Welcome to our Forum Icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 12:37 pm

With all of the changes made in the game lately, it’s almost impossible for someone to make any headway w/o the help of a good Mafia Family. More & more people are joining clans to find the help they need, be it help w/ jobs, events, construction parts, or protection from bullies.
Here at ╣ҒǿΣ╠ Family over Everyone, we are a group of people, made up of members from all walks of life & from all corners of the globe, brought together initially by our love of a game called Mafia Wars. Now, we have become much more than that. We truly are a family. We believe in helping our family to get as strong as possible in the game. Whether it's thru job help, loot transfers, contests, or sharing knowledge & free gifts, we help each other become stronger players to better enjoy the game. Although we're not a war clan, we DO believe in protecting our own, and our friends & allies, even if it means going to war to do so. We try to create a team atmosphere whereby we look after each other, in order to help each and every member benefit in some way by being part of this group, whether they’re a level 25, or a level 25,000.
If this sounds like it might be the home you've been looking for, go to the 'Join ╣ҒǿΣ╠ ' topic & follow the instructions there.
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Welcome to our Forum
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